Psychotherapy in English

I offer Psychotherapy Counselling Sessions in English and Couple Therapy Counselling Sessions in English!
You may also be able to take single Counselling Sessions and Couple Coaching Sessions online via Skype/ telephone or combined in my practice in Potsdam.

A warm welcome

My job is to make you aware, of how you can clean up your path to happiness of stumbling rocks yourself. Everything can be healed!

Life-crises and conflicts

unfulfilled relationships

marital crises

lack of self- love

communication problems


destructive beliefs



failures at work

lack of vocation

To live means development of the soul through suffering and happy experiences.

We all have more or less behaviors that harm us, consciously or unconsciously. The origins of these behaviors are destructive programs that were given to us by our ancestors or, on the other hand, by our own habits. These programs can permanently damage our mental spiritual and physical body. Healing always takes place in the spirit (ancient Greek = psyche). When we align our psyche with real love = unconditional love, healing always takes place at the origin, meaning healing of our self, our children, our relationships, our destiny, and ultimately our environment.

I am happy to help you in this process. The guidance to self-reliance and to self-responsibility are important parts of my work. It is important to me, that at the end of the sessions, you will return to everyday life with a toolbox of healing and be a conscious, healthy example to yourself, your family, partners and children.

            I look forward to seeing you, your Sabina Riedel

About myself

The Old Testament claims that we all were fallen out or driven out of paradise. And now we suffer! One suffers more than others. Intuitively, I never wanted to accept this idea of a life of eternal suffering. So I went on a search for an answer, a solution, or after „whatever there is”.

My knowledge after years of searching and many beautiful and painful experiences is that in my life, the focus is not on waiting until we finally have paradisiacal conditions on earth again. But that I am solely responsible for creating me peace, abundance and love in my own life. That alone is my duty and responsibility. And in the course of this process, I have something infinitely found: I landed in paradise! My life has actually adopted paradisiacal conditions, with so much peace, abundance and unconditional love. Every now and then I fall back out of my paradise, but I have all the tools handy, and so do you too, to step back in on your own power and will. There are still areas in my life that do not feel heavenly yet. There I level the paths and the stumbling rocks become diamonds. Properly! Diamonds! All obstacles I yet had to overcome are today the basis of my strength, love and wisdom. The reward is indescribably beautiful. And that is my gift to you: I see myself as one of many signs on your journey back to happiness – in your own personal paradise.


Appointments only by phone.
Should I just be in session with a client, please leave your name and phone number on my answering machine or send me an e-mail, and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

For self-paying the fee shall be determined by agreement.

Fees are to be paid directly to the appointment.[/fusion_text]